Co-Living Redefined

  • Serviced micro-apartments
  • Community life with the option of privacy
  • Massive shared community spaces and functions
  • Flexible rental solution for new corporate generations
  • Corporate community adaptation
  • Big city prime locations
  • Tech-driven 



The FU symbol in Chinese meaning Happiness

FU (Chinese Character)
Means: 'Happiness'

… and it accurately reflects the Y,Z & Millennials’ view of the traditional ‘right’ way of living…

What we do

We have developed an ecosystem for creating and managing unique global co-living community projects for corporations and co-living enthusiasts.

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A Closer Look

  • Micro apartments community projects
  • 25-30 m2
  • Fully furnished
  • Shower & Kitchenette
  • Smart storage
  • Smart home
  • Top tier tech, App-driven everything
  • Too much bandwidth
  • Cleaning services, laundry, concierge
  • Shared wellness & sports facilities
  • Shared recreation & entertainment
  • Shared workspaces
  • Shared food hangouts
  • Shared dance clubs ad production studios
  • Shared pool, theatre, nursery…
FU community in-building pool

FU is all about the "How".
How do you want to live and how do you make the most of your community.

For corporations, FU.Life is the warm welcoming embrace for relocation employees and families moving to a foreign country that is becoming their new home. FU provides an exceptionally soft landing for such families, while taking the ease of adaptation to new geographies and cultures to new levels of comfort and operational efficiency.

FU community in-building dace club FU community in-building recording studio FU community oracle (concierge)FU community in-building shared spaces

The FU.Oracle

From travel, relocations, orientation assistance, to local night life and corporate liaison....Your guide to everything FU in the community.

FU community in-building bars

The FU model is built around forming community bonds and engagement as a lifestyle choice.

Especially, in the new COVID world, FU emphasizes the importance of community life-capsules, where life goes on, with the full force of vibrant community and personal growth.

FU community in-building gym and yoga center

Wellness of the body and mind within a reinforcing community. In-building bars, food hangouts, gyms, yoga and meditation fuse leisure and work a lifestyle paradigm shift.

FU community in-building kitchens and restaurants FU community in-building shared work spaces

The Platform

FU’s proprietary cloud platform was build for managing multiple projects and communities globally.

From apartment discovery to relocation services, municipal documentation, tenant on-boarding, payments, smart home control and community life. Designed ground-up for corporate and private use with privacy and security in mind.

FU App UI and features FU App UI and features FU App UI and features FU App UI and features FU App UI and features
FU App splash screen

The FU.App

The gateway to everythig FU. It is the digital thread to connect people, community, services, interest groups, information, payments, events, promotions and more.

  • User verification & KYC
  • Stay management
  • Payment methods
  • Profile configuration
  • Security & privacy preferences
  • Smart home control of all facilities
  • Social sign-ups
  • Access to all FU services
  • Multi-tenant support, fully customizable for enterprises
  • City discovery & orientation
  • Digital handover between FU locations
  • and so much more...


Modern day corporate culture includes multi-national sites, relocations and remote employment

Co-living provides the perfect corporate situation for the extreme mobility of employees

From local orientation services to a ‘hot residence’ system, FU Corporate will provide enterprises the perfect solution for the new age employment system

We offer a separate, end-to-end location setups of full buildings and residences, custom built for employees on the move with full adaptation to corporate brand, culture and needs.

Our unique white-label customizable platform
(examples for illustration purposes only)

FU App UI and features Customized FU App to Google White LabelCustomized FU App to Amazon White LabelCustomized FU App to Tesla White Label

Our Team

With a portfolio volume of ~EUR 1 billion, we have one of the most experienced teams in the Micro Living market that has developed and managed close to 9,000 units at 33 locations in Germany, Austria, Spain and Switzerland, with constant performance and sustainable profitability.

Our Unfair Advantage

We cover the entire value chain from market research to acquisition, repurposing, branding, marketing, populating, management and sale of the properties. But most importantly, our commitment to the Micro Living product is evident in our everyday business, passion and quality of operations.

Our executive management team alongside their 14 highly experienced team members are headquartered and operating from Berlin.

Eyal Gicelter, ADV

Eyal Gicelter, ADV

Managing Partner & Founder

Eyal is an experienced executive with more than 20 years of experience in Real estate. He has managed more than €2 Billion worth of assets across Europe, including managing thousands of rented apartments and service apartments in Germany. Prior to that, Eyal founded and managed the largest Urban Renewal Fund in Israel, with over NIS 1 billion in asset value.

Georg Haider, LL.M.

Georg Haider, LL.M.

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Georg is an experienced senior manager who prior to FU acted as Managing Director of a renowned alternative investment company managing over €6bn with 250 employees. Georg was responsible for all purchases and sales, in particular larger off-market deals as well as complex transactions and project developments. A lawyer and real estate expert with a 20-year track record, Georg has built an international market network previously headed up for more than 10 years as German CEO of the entire German business of Northern Horizon Group, one of the leading Scandinavian fund and investment managers. He managed more than €10 bn of real estate transactions across Europe.

Martin Barwicki

Martin Barwicki

Head of Operations

As Head of Operations Martin is responsible for all asset operations at FU.Life. In addition, due to his operational knowledge and background, he is a part of the Group’s transaction process. Martin brings more than 15 years of experience in management of various asset classes in the Co-Living segment, focusing on different marketing and leasing strategies. Before joining FU.Life, Martin was the Head of Letting at YOUNIQ AG (part of Corestate Capital Group) and other international investment firms, specialized in letting, marketing and operating of more than 9,000 micro- & co-living units & several brands across Europe. Martin was as well responsible for the rental management of BVK (Germany’s largest pension fund) and MPC AG (a leading provider for Fund Solutions) for their micro living portfolios.

Frank Beifuss

Frank Beifuss

Head of Corporate Finance

As Head of Finance, Frank is responsible for finance, controlling and is closely linked to the Group’s transaction and investments process. Frank has more than 15 years of experience in leading positions in the real estate & financial industry. Before joining FU.Life, Frank has worked as Vice President for YOUNIQ AG (Corestate Capital Group) and other international investment firms. Frank was responsible for the preparation and audit process of the financial statements on group and SPV level cross Europe. Furthermore, he has experience in special projects such as the implementation of SAP S/4HANA as the leading accounting system and TAGETIK. Frank was also involved in the disposal of the micro living portfolio from CORESTATE to BVK and other transactions in different European countries of a volume of more than EUR 5 bn.

Nataliya Revera

Nataliya Revera

Finance and Controlling

Nataliya's responsibilities at FU.Life includes cash flow modelling, financial analyses, as well as building and modelling business plans, financial statements and investor reports – all in institutional standard. Nataliya is an experienced financial specialist with outstanding expertise in controlling and modelling. Nataliya obtained her first academic degree in controlling and automation systems in 2003, followed by a bachelor's degree in business administration in Frankfurt a. M., Germany. Since 2009 she is active in the real estate industry and broadened constantly her knowledge in the financial sector. Nataliya has been involved in various special projects for Prime Standard listed Company and introduction of SAP S/4HANA and TAGETIK. Nataliya was also involved in the disposal a micro living portfolio with 2,700 units in Europe to one of the largest German Tier I investors.

Mihaela Stoyanova

Mihaela Stoyanova

Marketing / Research

Mihaela is responsible for all marketing activities of the FU.Life Group including brand positioning, content, and design. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Communication. For the last 9 years, Mihaela has worked for the major players in the micro & co-living segment, including first mover for PBSA in the German market – YOUNIQ AG (Corestate Capital Group) with the brand YOUNIQ and other European brands such as Linked Living, JOYN and Staytoo. Mihaela has a distinctive knowledge in the strategic development of social media channels and sensitivity for new marketing trends. At FU.Life, she is also responsible of the research and evaluation of markets and locations for micro living products.

Kerstin Menzel

Kerstin Menzel


As Senior Associate, Kerstin is responsible for FU.Life’s invoicing process, financial and asset accounting, preparation of quarterly and annual financial statements and reporting. She has more than 30 years of professional experience in German GAAP accounting (HGB) as well as extensive practice in international financial reporting standards (IFRS). Kerstin holds a degree in business economics and is a certified accountant. Before joining FU.Life, she worked at YOUNIQ AG (Corestate Capital Group). She supervised project development companies and was jointly responsible for the preparation of the consolidated financial statements of a listed company.

Cornelia Körner

Cornelia Körner

PA to MD’s / Corporate Operations

Cornelia is responsible for project and office management as well as corporate operations. She brings several sales training course as well as a distance learning course for interior design. Cornelia is in the real estate industry for more than 25 years. Between 1992 and 2007 she worked for various property developers and engineering offices as a project manager. After that she was part of the team that launched the micro living brand YOUNIQ. More than 10 years she was Vice President Corporate Operations at YOUNIQ AG (Corestate Capital Group) and was in charge of Human Resources and Investor Relations where she directly reported to the CEO of the Prime Standard listed company.

Philipp Rheinheimer

Philipp Rheinheimer

PA to MD’s / Corporate Operations

Philipp supports the MD’s project management, corporate operations and all administrative activities of the FU.Life Group. Born in Venezuela and later settling mainly in Potsdam, he has a a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Trading (BWL), followed by a Master’s in Business Psychology & Economics. Before joining FU, Philipp has worked for several major international companies such as John I. Haas Inc. (USA) and Porsche AG (Germany), where he gained first experiences in innovative technologies and strategic planning. Through his diverse experiences, his internationality, and roles in various industries, he brings new perspectives into the development of our co-living products.

Anne Vogel

Anne Vogel

Property Management

As property manager at FU.Life, Anne is responsible for the holistic management of our The House of Co properties in Karlsruhe and Greifswald. She holds a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Real Estate Management and has extensive theoretical knowledge in the areas of property management, proprietary, and condominium law. Over the past 10 years, before joining FU.Life, Anne has worked as a senior at UPARTMENTS Real Estate GmbH (Corestate Capital Group) and previously at YOUNIQ Service GmbH, where she specialised in the operational management of micro and co-living products (residential & commercial). In addition, she was also responsible for the property management of the BVK and MPC portfolios.

Lisa Druschke

Lisa Druschke

Property Management

Lisa is responsible for the property management activities of FU.Life and sub brand’s, like The House of Co. She graduated 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Hotel Management with a focus on Business Administration and Management. Previously, Lisa has worked several years in the 5* Hotel industry for Marriott and Kempinski and has significant international experience. In 2020, she entered the real estate industry as an assistant manager for a nameable property management company. She supported cross-department projects within the property management and construction departments, as well as communication with tenants and owners. Lisa's extensive knowledge of hospitality and traditional property management gives her an above-average match to the future service requirements of the micro- & co-living segment.

Georgina Dumsch

Georgina Dumsch

Letting Management

Georgina is responsible for the letting and rental activities of FU.Life and sub brand’s, like The House of Co. She completed her professional education with a focus on letting at the international real estate investment company Signature Capital. Furthermore, Georgina worked for major international and local companies such as BNP, Lianeo Real Estate and Nudelmann and Friends. She has experience in both, sales and letting of residential and commercial properties, as well as asset management. In total, she brings 9 years of know-how in the real estate industry and first experience in the micro- & co-living market. Georgina has excellent communication skills and a sense for the needs of the relevant target groups.

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